About Hussein Ahdieh

Dr Hussein Ahdieh was born and raised in Nayriz, Iran. He is a sixth-generation Bahá'í, his ancestors figuring among the first in Nayriz to accept the Bábi and later Bahá'í Faith. Hussein immigrated to the United States as a young man. Like many immigrants seeking a better life in America, he worked and attended college in the New York area. Hussein eventually completed a Masters Degree in European Intellectual History and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts.

Dr Ahdieh has had a distinguished career in education in New York. His proudest achievement is to contribute to the establishment of Harlem Preparatory School⏤a world-renowned charter high school for disadvantaged students as its Assistant Headmaster. The school is credited with helping numerous people to rise from poverty to a better life. Dr Ahdieh also served as Director of Educational Programs at Fordham University.

Hussein has been a resident of New York City for all of his adult life.

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