About Phyllis Peterson

Phyllis Peterson, a Life Skills Educator and international speaker, has traveled widely throughout Asia, Africa, and the Pacific to facilitate workshops to children, adults, and trainers. Her programs have been adopted by the governments of Botswana and Swaziland in Africa. Her workshops cover themes such as:

  • Protective Behaviours for Children
  • Boundaries Sculpting
  • Development of a Feeling Language
  • How to get rid of Stultifying Roles for Men and Women
  • How Acknowledgement Heals
  • Anger Alternatives
  • Conscience Development in Children

Her teaching environmentsinclude Family Violence Shelters, Women’s and Men’s Prisons, Universities, Community Colleges, Schools, Pre-schools, Nursing homes, Child Abuse Prevention Conferences, Community Centers, Orphanages, and Catholic Social Service Agencies.

Titles by Phyllis Peterson