Sascha Allard

Sascha Nieland Allard is a children's book author with a love for storytelling and a passion for creating resources that nurture spiritual development in young children. She is also a Bahá’í, a mother of two young boys, and lives in Ottawa, Canada. With each carefully crafted story, she aims to ignite a sense of wonder and mindfulness in young children. 

Each book in her collection serves as a gentle guide, delicately imparting virtues like kindness, unity, and love. She wrote the Special Occasions series to help foster in young children’s hearts an appreciation for special Bahá’í occasions such as Ayyám-i-Há and the Nineteen Day Feast. They are stories about friendship, joy, generosity, and unity in diversity. 

She has also written a children’s book called I can Show Kindness that introduces kindness through real-life examples and toddler-friendly language. She will also soon be publishing the Kind Heart Series which will highlight important spiritual qualities in young minds through meaningful and engaging stories. Her books all serve as gentle mentors, inviting young minds to explore spiritual themes and values in a way that are relatable and enriching to young children. When she's not penning stories, you'll find her spending time with her family, building a vibrant community with her neighbours, and exploring the great outdoors. In these precious moments, she finds her inspiration.