• Bridegroom from Baghdad

Bridegroom from Baghdad

A personal memoir of one woman's journey that took her from the windswept Canadian prairies to cities and villages across Europe and North Africa.

Shar Mitchell's search for meaning and purpose in her life ultimately lead her to embrace the Bahá'í Faith. Her first marriage ended in divorce. Later she met and married her "bridegroom from Baghdad," Redwan Moqbel. Born to a poor Bahá'í family in a dusty border town between Iran and Iraq, Redwan was an internationally renowned medical scientist by the time he and Shar married.

That relationship led to Shar's challenging quest to learn more about her new relatives back in Iraq, a country that persecuted its Bahá'i minority, sentenced Redwan to life in prison in absentia and jailed his mother for many years. Shar's dream of meeting Redwan's courageous family would finally come true because of a catastrophic health crisis—Redwan's difficult battle with cancer. The Bridegroom from Baghdad is a memoir of life's unexpected twists and turns; youthful exploration of new places and ideas; finding faith and love; and meeting challenges with courage, acceptance, and resilience.

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  • Contributors:: Shar Mitchell (Author)
  • Format: Softcover book | 270 pages
  • Dimensions: 152 x 228 x 6 mm | 431 g
  • Publisher: Independently published, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781543969924
  • Categories:: Biography, Modern Believer

About Shar Mitchell

In her search for truth, purpose and meaning Shar Mitchell has travelled to more than 40 countries, some frequently. She's been the guest of the Berber nomads in the Spanish Sahara, Aborigines in far northern Queensland, Australia, and the Bribri in Costa Rica's rainforest. Ultimately, her spiritual quest found fulfilment in the teachings of the Baha'i Faith.

Shar worked in various media for 20 years including CBC Radio and TV, documentary film production, and feature newspaper and magazine writing. She's received accolades for her writing, including several scholarships. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies. Her early employment history includes brief stints at the "lost kids" trailer at the Red River Exhibition, working as a retail sales clerk, a carhop, a registered nurse and a road assistant for the famed musical group of the 70s, Seals and Crofts.

Shar is the proud mother of five children and step-children and seven grandchildren. Shar lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she is currently working on a screenplay when not busy with community-building efforts, helping with grandkids, doing medical qigong or boxing to combat Parkinson's Disease.