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"In these days which are the latter days of 1911, A.D. and the early days of 1330 A.H., I have seen a curious article which astonished me. What did I see? I find that one of the missionaries of the Protestant sect, who accounts himself among the learned men of the twentieth century, a helper of the pure religion of Christ and one of the civilized and cultured occidentals, by name, Mr. Easton, has been so provoked by jealousy at the universal spread of the heavenly word of His Holiness 'Abdu'l-Bahá throughout the vast expanses of Europe that he has trespassed the limit of courtesy and humanity and published an article replete with execration and calumny in the magazine Evangelical Christendom..."



Author: Mirza Abul Fadl Gulpaygan, 1923.

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