Fellowship Farm 6

Volume 6: Books Sixteen to Eighteen

In book sixteen the Fitzgeralds wake up in the flood shelter and get a big shock. They have an encounter with some poo which leads to a fabulous bedtime story. They have a very difficult time in the back of their uncle’s truck which is followed by a helpful quiz. Olingah experiences some sadness and a funeral, but it is good to be ‘home’. Well, sort of home.

In book seventeen the Fitzgeralds find out what the flood has left behind at Fellowship Farm. They experience the joys and challenges of living in a haybarn, find some unpleasant surprises in their house, and some pleasant surprises in their hearts. They have a bonfire that brings joy and grief, enjoy some servings of Uncle Jack's "health foods", win the laundromat lotto, and experience a huge surprise when out shopping with their uncle.

In the eighteenth book of the Fellowship Farm series Leezah, Skye-Maree and Olingah spend time with their uncle on his boat. An underwater encounter makes them fear for their lives, a town surprises them with its enormous flowers, and they try some very unusual ice-cream. At the end of their adventure they sadly wave goodbye to their uncle who returns to his home. There is also another important and sad Fellowship Farm farewell at the end of Fitzgeralds at Sea.

Suitable for independent readers aged 8-12 years. Parent-read from 6 years.

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About Melanie Lotfali

Melanie Lotfali is a graduate of the Australian College of Journalism in Professional Writing for Children.

She is the author of three series for young readers: The Unity in Diversity series for children aged 3 to 6 years, uses brightly coloured illustrations and simple text to foster an appreciation of the fact that diversity enriches us in all spheres of life. The Crowned Heart series for the same age group introduces young readers to individual Hands of the Cause. This series continues to be developed and expanded. The Fellowship Farm series includes 18 novels in six volumes for children aged 6 to 12 years. It follows the adventures of the Fitzgeralds - a Bahai family who live on a farm in Tasmania.

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