To Serve Humanity

To Serve Humanity

In February 2013, the Universal House of Justice announced a series of youth conferences to be held around the world. Thousands of young people from villages and neighbourhoods spanning every continent gathered to consult on the ways in which their generation can contribute to the spiritual and material well-being of their communities.

This series of short films captures the insights and conversation among participants as they explore some of the themes that are central to the process of community building. The words of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, “God is the helper of those souls whose aim is to serve humanity and whose efforts and endeavours are devoted to the good and betterment of all mankind”, inspire the hearts of many youths, who are collectively striving to translate their aspirations into reality.

Eleven short video clips:

  • Introduction
  • Contributing to the Betterment of Society
  • Twofold Moral Purpose
  • Early Adolescence
  • Selfless Service
  • Friendship and Mutual Support
  • Coherence
  • Youth and Community Building
  • Qualities for Collective Action
  • Building a New Civilization
  • Responding to the Call

Commissioned by the Universal House of Justice, 2014.

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