Door to the Missing Link

Door to the Missing Link

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The Door to the Missing Link is about a young person’s quest in search of finding a hidden mystical link, hoping to provide direction and purpose in life. When he travels to the source mystery to search he discovers the seed origin of human advances and also the root causes of many human conflicts. He learns about possible solutions to world problems, in relation to conflicts between resource-rich nations and the energy-hungry demand of industrial powers. He also realises that many things taught as facts are not actual facts, but the settings of the powerful, to dominate and to rule over the masses.

He learns about the reason for cultural differences and the seed-origin of the human mind and its distinctions in relation to the advent of a mysterious ancient visit. He yearns for a ‘collective conscience’, to enlighten the mystical life of the human mind, in order to rescue humanity and bring about paradise. In this technological age of great wonders, he thinks: Is there a chance for the whole of humanity to be civilised and to live together in peace as one human race?


Author: Kamal Khalessi-Rad.

Format: Softcover book, 285 pages.

Publisher: Self-published via BookPal, 2008.

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