Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership

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"This book is a valuable reflection on 40 years of effort on a wide variety of development projects in one of the poorest countriesin the Americas. It looks at innovationsin health, education, child labour, the performing arts, special needs, andformal education. These projectswere inspired by the vision andteachings of the Bahá’í Faith aboutspiritual empowerment and social transformation, and their practicalapplication is explored with a view tolearning about grassroots development.

It is refreshing that instead of preaching about a 'success story' the authors embrace a humble and honest approach about the struggles and challenges of improving peoples’ livelihoods in difficult circumstances. Perhaps this is why their work inspires hope, exactly because it is a genuine reflection on what it takes to translate ideals into reality."

— Professor Payam Akhavan, McGill University


Author: Brian O'Toole.

Format: Softcover book (B&W), 202 pages, 15 x 22 cm.

Publisher: Self-published; B&W edition republished by Bahá'i Publications Australia, 2018.