Spiritual Conquest of the Planet

Spiritual Conquest of the Planet

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Designed to draw the student into a study of the profound concepts found in the Bahá'í Revelation.

Systematic Execution of the Divine Plan
The Vision Conveyed in Plans
The Process of Organic Unfoldment
The Pattern of Organic Unfoldment
Vision and Systematic Planning
Leadership and Participation
Characteristics of Mature Action



    Authors: Melanie Smith.

    Format: Softcover book, 93 pages.

    Publisher: Palabra Publications, 1993.


    • The Word of God
    • The Covenant: Its Meaning and Origin and Our Attitude Toward It
    • The Significance of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation
    • Youth Can Move the World
    • The Spiritual Conquest of the Planet: Our Response to Plans

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