Observations and Insights

Observations and Insights

Observation and Insight is the first of the texts that adress the question of science. Like other textbooks in the series, it consists of a number of readings which are followed by exercises or “extensions”, intended to expand on ideas under discussion.

The story opens in Jalpura, an imaginary village in India, where twelve-year-old Nanda lives with her family. Over the course of eleven readings she is helped by Kalpana, who runs a nearby educational center for women,and Ramnik, her brother-in-law who is an ecologist, to organize the insights she is gaining as she observes the world around her.

Nanda is at an age where she is starting to ask herself questions not only about physical reality but also about social reality.In this connection, she is helped to think about the kind of changes that will need to take place in her small village if it is to achieve enduring prosperity.


Developer: DL Publicaciones.

Format: softcover book, 66 pages.

What is the Junior Youth Programme?

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme is a three-year programme for 12-15 year-olds which fosters a positive transition from childhood to adolescence. Participants in the programme are supported to appreciate their own inherent nobility and dignity; the inherent nobility and dignity of every human being; and the capacity each has to contribute to the betterment of humanity and to an ever-advancing, spiritually and materially prosperous civilization. Junior youth are supported in the development of their power of analysis and expression, as well as their ability to think, speak and act in ways that are coherent with a sound moral framework, through exploration of important concepts embedded in engaging stories. They also learn to identify the needs of their community and find ways to respond to these needs, through increasingly complex and meaningful acts of service. Purposeful social, sport and artistic activities also constitute a key element of the programme.

Junior youth engage in the programme by joining or forming a junior youth group. A group often comprises 5-10 young people in a given locality who usually meet at least weekly to participate in the various aspects of the programme. Central to the advancement of understanding is the exploration of key concepts contained in a series of study modules. In its entirety, this series of study can provide young people with the elements of a conceptual framework that can guide their choices and actions as they mature into adults.

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Ruhi Institute materials

  • Book 3 Grade 1 (units 1-3) - $10
  • Book 3 Grade 2 (units 1-2) - $11
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Junior Youth modules

  • Learning About Excellence - $7
  • Observations and Insights - $7
  • Power of the Holy Spirit - $7
  • Spirit of Faith - $7
  • The Human Temple - $7
  • Thinking About Numbers - $7
  • Wellspring of Joy - $7


Persian materials (if different)

  • Book 10 (unit 1) - $8
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Other Junior Youth Group modules

  Breezes of Confirmation (11-12 yo)  
  Wellspring of Joy (11-12 yo)
  Glimmerings of Hope (11-12 yo)
  Spirit of Faith (11-12 yo)
  Thinking About Numbers (11-12 yo)
  Human Temple (12-13 yo)
  Learning About Excellence (12-13 yo)
  Power of the Holy Spirit (12-13 yo)
  Observations and Insights
  Drawing on the Power of the Word (13-14 yo)
  Walking the Straight Path (13-14 yo)