• Reunion with the Beloved

Reunion with the Beloved

Poetry and Martyrdom

This unique collection of poetry by, and in honor of, early and recent martyrs of the Bahá'í Faith in Persian and English includes a foreword by Hushmand Fatheazam, as well as extensive details pertaining to the Bahá'í concept of martyrdom, relevant cultural issues, excerpts from principal Bahá'í publications on the persecution of the Bahá'ís and details pertaining to some of the major events resulting in the martyrdom of Bahá'ís. Poems include the works of famous Bahá'í poets and martyrs such as: Varqa, 'Abdi, Awji, Nayyir and Sina, Sirus Rawshani and Shapur Markazi.

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  • Contributors:: John Hatcher (Author)Amrollah Hemmat (Co-Author)
  • Format: Softcover book | 220 pages
  • Dimensions: 405 g
  • Publisher: Independently published, 2004
  • ISBN: 9789889745110
  • Categories:: Inspired Poetry

About John Hatcher

John S Hatcher holds a BA and MA in English Literature from Vanderbilt University and a PhD in English literature from the University of Georgia. He is a professor emeritus of English literature at the University of South Florida, Tampa. A widely published poet and distinguished lecturer, he has written numerous books on literature, philosophy, and Bahá'í theology and scripture. He and his family live on a farm near Plant City, Florida.

Titles by John Hatcher