All-in-One Marriage Prep

All-in-One Marriage Prep

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75 experts share tips & wisdom to help you get ready now

  • Do you want to have a harmonious and rewarding relationship?
  • Are you in a serious relationship and talking about marriage?
  • Are you engaged and planning for a happy, lasting marriage partnership?
  • Are you wondering about how to be successful at marriage? 


As experts who are passionate about creating excellent marriages, we invite you to build your knowledge and learn the skills to create your own successful marriage. Together we have helped millions of individuals and couples build their relationships and marriages in positive directions. Let us give you what you need to assess and strengthen your readiness to marry. With our guidance, you can move forward with confidence!

Containing contributions from four Baha'i professionals.

Eric Hoffer Book Awards finalist.



Author: Susanne Alexander.

Format: Softcover book, 434 pages.

Publisher: Marriage Transformation, 2018; Barringer Publishing, 2010.