Was Faith Their Crime?

Was Faith Their Crime?

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An Awe-Inspiring Story of Courage and Perseverance of the Bahá'ís in Iran

Today we are conscious of senseless killings around the world, not only through wars in the past century, but also through terrorism, genocide, crimes of hate and passion – the list goes on. One would ask why a book should be written about people who have undergone cruelty, persecution, deprivation of human rights and even death?

The answer is that these victims that we talked about in the book Was Faith Their Crime? had the option to avoid persecution simply by recanting their Faith. They did not have to face torture and execution. Known as Bahá'ís, these individuals who suffered, remained firm as rock in their belief. They believed in a religion that arose in Iran in the mid-nineteenth century. They strongly believed in basic oneness of religion and unification of mankind. Their belief in these teachings was so strong that they were willing to suffer rather than deny this belief. The fact that these people had the option to avoid persecution simply by recanting their Faith makes it quite a different story.

Was Faith Their Crime? recounts some compelling and inspirational stories of those individuals who continuously suffered persecution in Iran. It relates efforts on the part of the United Nations and various countries of the world to mitigate the severity of their ordeal; together with a glimpse into the reason which inspired those believers to stand firm in the face of such opposition. It is suggested that after reading this account, you judge for yourself.



Author: Betty Frost.

Format: Softcover book, 84 pages.

Publisher: Royal Falcon Books, 2006.