• Prescription for Health

Prescription for Health

A Comprehensive Guide on Health Issues

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A comprehensive guide on health issues

Despite great achievements in the diagnosis and treatments of many illnesses and eradication of some major diseases, such as Polio, a new wave of devastating ailments is endangering the human race. Cardiovascular Diseases are no the leading cause of mortality around the glove. In 2003, it caused more than two million deaths among people age 45-59 years. HIV and AIDS infection have become major causes of morbidity around the world. An estimated 40 million infected individuals with HIV/AIDS were living in 2005 worldwide.

Globally, more than three million people died of AIDS related illnesses in 2005. Alcohol Abuse and Addiction are among the major social, economic and medical problems around the glove. Each year it causes more than 100.000 deaths and two million physical injuries in the United States. Tobacco Abuse and Smoking kills 4.9 million persons per year around the world, and is the cause for 60% of all cancers.

Facing these alarming health challenges, many industrialised nations, such as the United States, spend up to 15.3% of their GDP on health. In 2005, the total health cost was two trillion dollars in that country, which is 6,700 dollars per person. Despite this enormous spending, global health conditions remain alarming. Therefore, a spiritual solution is necessary to heal the affliction of the world community which must be implemented along with the standard practice of medicine.

Prescription for Health is a Bahá'í Reference on health issues. It is a compilation of Bahá'íWritings on these subjects. In addition, it is a review of the latest scientific discoveries which have been published by the world renowned authors in their field.

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About Manouchehr Nadimi

Manouchehr Nadimi, M.D. (FACP, FAAC, MAACGS) is a clinical and nuclear cardiologist, a columnist and international travel teacher, living in Atlanta. He is the former faculty of the Medical College of Georgia, and the architect and chairman of the first WHO Cardiovascular Symposium in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

He is the author of Alcohol and Smoking, and the Secrets of a Healthy Heart. Dr Nadimi is the co-author of the first description of Zinc Deficiency Syndrome discovered in man.