Oneness of Religion

Oneness of Religion

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The Oneness of Religion is a compilation of writings and prayers that focus on the inherent oneness of all the world's great religions.

Spiritual seekers of all faiths will relish these uplifting passages that underscore the unity of thought that helps us define our place within a single, unfolding, and divine creation. This collection contains writings from Bahá'u'lláh, the Báb, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.


Author: Compilation.

Format: Hardcover book, 137 pages, 12 x 17 cm.

Publisher: Bahá'í Publishing, 2011.

Spirit of Faith Series

The Spirit of Faith series explores a range of topics - such as the unity of humanity, the eternal covenant of God, the promise of world peace, and much more - by taking an in-depth look at how the writings of the Bahá'íFaith view these issues. The series is designed to encourage readers of all faiths to think about spirituality, and to take time to pray and meditate on these important topics.

Human Soul
Life After Death
Obedience to God
Oneness of God
Oneness of Humanity
Oneness of Religion
Sacrifice and Service