• World in Travail

World in Travail

Understanding & Responding to the Events of Our Time

A pertinent compilation of quotations relating to the current times of travail. Some themes shared:

Signs of Crisis: World is Sick; Blindness of Human Heart; Economic Anarchy & Strife; Waywardness & Unbelief; Lawlessness; Reliance on Material Conditions; Sedition; Wretchedness of Humanity; Heedlessness

Causes of Crisis: Sick World; Dying Light of Religion; Prejudice; Lack of Spirituality; Materialism

Processes at Work: Integration & Disintegration; Universal Fermentation; From Adolescence to Maturity; Lamentably Defective Order; Peace Building Process; Evolutionary Process; Corrosive influences; Process of Purgation; Rise & Fall; Movement Towards Destiny; Generative & Purifying Process; Mysterious Processes

Forces at Work: Unseen Forces; Spiritual Forces of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation; Forces of Revelation; God-Born Force; Power of Thy Name; Celestial Potency; Generative, Purifying, Transmuting Spirit; Resistless Force

Our Role as Bahá’is: Teaching & Perfecting the Administration; Role of Youth; Trust & Confidence in God; What Should We Know?; Tests; Wisdom of Suffering; The Warning; The Remedy; The Promise; Oneness of Mankind; The Golden Age; Heavenly Civilization; The Challenges; Sanctified Soul; The Standard; Prayers

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