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Independent Investigator

Answers to a range of questions asked by young people regarding the Baha'i Faith and its perspective on many issues. A book written to support young people's search for spiritual truth through independent investigation. Topics covered range from the existence of God, human evolution, aliens, angels and the devil through to the afterlife, as well as some of the teachings, principles and laws of the Baha'i Faith.

Target audience: 11 - 15 years.

This is a fantastic book for families to use to read together and deepen their understanding of some of the Writings of the Baha’i Faith with regards to various topics such as Life After, Death, Progressive Revelation and some of its laws.
Alternatively, it can be used as a weekly deepening tool for young people under the age of 15 (over 10) to broaden their understanding collectively. The questions at the start of every page is a great way to reflect and think about the topic before delving into the Writings.
⏤Camille Perkins

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Tahirih Lemon is a trained primary teacher with a Master of Education. Following a passion to seek assistance for vulnerable children, she has worked in the field of child protection for the past decade. Tahirih has been self-publishing for over fifteen years. Her current books and children’s stories were initially inspired by her children when they were younger, who were very inquisitive regarding spiritual matters

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