• Stories of Baha'u'llah

Stories of Baha'u'llah

'The day is approaching when God will have raised up a people who will call to remembrance Our days,'
~ Bahá'u'lláh.

The 144 stories in these pages make such remembrance both effortless and delightful. They come to mind whether one is far away or visiting the scenes in which they occurred. They describe Bahá'u'lláh in Iran, Baghdad, Constantinople, Adrianople, 'Akká and Bahjí, and linger in the memory to uplift and gladden both heart and mind.

There are very few people in the West who have known even one person who saw Bahá'u'lláh or experienced the majesty and power, the compassion, humility and humour which characterized His earthly life. Bahá'ís of the East are more fortunate, many having known those, often their relatives, who were in His presence as companions or pilgrims. Yet, as the editor of this book remarks, 'only a few recorded their observations for posterity'. It was in 1975 that 'the thought of collecting personal accounts' occurred to the Hand of the Cause 'Alí-Akbar Furútán. Through correspondence and the examination of numerous memoirs, published and in manuscript, he selected the stories in this enthralling collection.

'Alí-Akbar Furútán resided in Haifa at the World Centre of the Bahá'í Faith from 1957, having been named by his fellow Hands of the Cause of God one of the nine Custodians of the Faith after the death of Shoghi Effendi. He remained in this capacity until the election of the Universal House of Justice in 1963, continuing his services at the World Centre as Hand of the Cause and member of the International Teaching Centre until his death in 2003.

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About 'Ali-Akbar Furutan

Ali Akbar Furutan (1904-2003) was born in Iran and accompanied his parents in 1914 to Ishqabad, Russia, when he was nine years old. After his studies in the Baha'i school in 'Ishqabad, he taught there for four years, and then became the Principal of two schools and two kindergartens in that city. In 1926 he went to Moscow, where he took his degree at Moscow University in child psychology and education.

In 1934 he was appointed Principal of the Tarbiyat School for Boys in Tihran, and in that year was elected as member and Secretary of the first National Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is of Iran. He served in that capacity for twenty four years. He was appointed a Hand of the Cause of God in 1951 and with three fellow Hands of the Cause and four Counsellors, he was one of those who constitute the nucleus of the International Teaching Centre at the World Centre of the Baha'i Faith and served there till his last breath as a resident Hand of the Cause.

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